I UK [hɑː(r)t] / US [hɑrt] noun
Word forms "heart":
singular heart plural hearts
1) [countable] the organ in your chest that makes blood flow around your body

I could hear his heart beating.

have a weak/bad heart:

Did you know he had a weak heart?

2) [countable] the area of your chest where your heart is

She held the child close to her heart.

3) [countable] your feelings and emotions considered as part of your character

My advice would be to follow your heart.

have a kind/good/big heart (= be a kind/good/generous person):

Ted may not be rich but he's got a good heart.

a) [singular] the central part of something, that is furthest from the outside
heart of:

They live in the heart of the city's medieval quarter.

a beautiful house deep in the heart of the English countryside

b) [countable] the inner, central part of something such as a vegetable

artichoke hearts

5) [singular] the most important or basic part of something
go/get to the heart of something (= relate to its most important part):

These questions go to the heart of the current debate.

be at the heart of something:

Cost-cutting is at the heart of their development plan.

6) [countable] a shape that represents love

a shirt decorated with little hearts

a) [countable] a playing card with a red heart shape on it
b) hearts
[plural] the suit of playing cards that have red heart shapes on them. The other suits are diamonds, clubs, and spades

the six of hearts

close/dear/near to someone's heart — very important or interesting to someone

a topic that is obviously very close to his heart

have your heart set on (doing) something= set your heart on (doing) something — to decide that you want something very much

He's got his heart set on winning the competition.

my heart bleeds (for someone)spoken used for saying that you feel sympathy for someone. This phrase is usually used in a humorous way to show that, in fact, you do not feel any sympathy at all.

someone's heart leaps/jumps/quickens — used for saying that someone suddenly feels excited, nervous, or afraid

someone's heart pounds/beats/thumps — used for saying that someone can feel their heart moving quickly because they are very excited or afraid

in someone's heart (of hearts) — used for talking about true or secret feelings

In his heart he knew she was right.

lose your heart (to someone)literary to start to love someone

a man/woman after your own heart — someone who has the same opinions as you on a particular subject

(off) by heart — if you know something by heart, you can remember all the words in it without any help

We learned long passages of poetry off by heart.

play/work/sing etc your heart out — to put a lot of effort into playing, working, singing etc

The children all sang their hearts out.

sob/cry your heart out — to cry a lot, because you are very upset

(straight) from the heart — being completely honest about your feelings

She wrote me a letter straight from the heart.

take heart (from something) — to feel happier or less worried because of something

The team took heart from an honourable draw.

warm/gladden someone's heart — mainly literary to make someone feel happy

wear/have your heart on your sleeve — to make your feelings obvious to other people

win/capture/steal someone's heart — mainly literary to make someone start to love you

with all your heart (and soul)literary used for emphasizing that a feeling is very strong

She wished with all her heart that he would come.

(with) your heart in your mouth — feeling very nervous or afraid

She picked up the phone, her heart in her mouth.

bottom I, break I, cross I, eat, lose

II UK / US verb [transitive, never progressive]
Word forms "heart":
present tense I/you/we/they heart he/she/it hearts past tense hearted past participle hearted informal
to like someone or something very much

I really heart pilates!

"I Heart Jake" is an archive dedicated to Jake Gyllenhaal.

English dictionary. 2014.

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